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Optimizing tune using ELM327 Device and Torque Pro logs

What's needed?

ELM327 Compatible device (Example)
- Torque Pro Application for Android - See their page for device info too

Notice: Shark Performance cannot guaranteed the compatibility of the ELM327 devices.

How do I setup Logging?

Torque Settings -> OBD2 Adapter Settings:
- Enable Faster Communication
- Hide Unsupported Sensors
- Don't Calculate MPG / Fuel

Torque Settings -> Data Logging & Upload:
- Only when OBD Connected
- Rotate Logfiles
- Format log values
- Log Selected Sensors
- File Logging Interval - select 0.1s or lowest setting you ELM327 device can support

Select what to log:
- Speed (OBD)
- Engine RPM
- Absolute Throttle Position B
- Mass Air Flow Rate
- Turbo Boost & Vacuum Gauge
- Intake Air Temperature
- Catalyst Temperature (Bank1, Sensor 1)
- Air Fuel Ratio (Commanded)
- Air Fuel Ratio (Measured)
- Timing Advance
- Fuel Trim Bank 1 Short term
- Fuel Trim Bank 1 Long term

Start Logging:

- Make sure you have ELM327 paired with your Android phone
- Start car -> Start Torque Pro -> Plug in the ELM327 device and wait until it's connected successfully (PIN usually 1234)
- Find a nice flat safe road or closed area
- Start Real-time Information -> Settings -> Start Logging
- Perform 3-4 3rd gear runs from 2000rpm-> red line acceleration runs (or Dyno)
- Settings -> Stop Logging
- Settings -> Email logs -> CSV (Comma separated values) -> select email application and email the logs to your email address
- You can open the CSV file in spreadsheet program to see the logs. Here's Example Excel File what can be done with the file (including graphs)

What's next?

- Email us the log files and we will go over them and adjust the tune if necessary.  We'll keep improving the logging options and update this page based on our findings.

Special thanks to our customer Nicolas Behar for getting all this logging information together.


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