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Golf VI 2008-2014 Tuning & Performance Upgrades

EngineStock HPStock TQTuned HPTuned TQPriceDyno
1.2 TSI77 kW/105 hp175 Nm/129 lb-ft kW/ hp Nm/ lb-ft$549
1.4 TSI90 kW/122 hp200 Nm/148 lb-ft122 kW/163 hp265 Nm/196 lb-ft$549
1.4 TSI118 kW/160 hp240 Nm/177 lb-ft135 kW/182 hp296 Nm/218 lb-ft$549
1.6 TDI CR DPF66 kW/90 hp250 Nm/184 lb-ft107 kW/143 hp306 Nm/226 lb-ft$549
1.6 TDI CR DPF77 kW/105 hp250 Nm/184 lb-ft107 kW/143 hp306 Nm/226 lb-ft$549
1.9 TDI BlueMotion77 kW/105 hp250 Nm/184 lb-ft103 kW/139 hp306 Nm/226 lb-ft$549
2.0 TDI CR81 kW/110 hp250 Nm/184 lb-ft129 kW/173 hp408 Nm/301 lb-ft$549
2.0 TDI CR103 kW/140 hp320 Nm/236 lb-ft132 kW/177 hp442 Nm/326 lb-ft$549
2.0 TDI CR125 kW/170 hp350 Nm/258 lb-ft155 kW/208 hp430 Nm/317 lb-ft$549
2.0 TSI GTI155 kW/211 hp280 Nm/207 lb-ft190 kW/255 hp436 Nm/322 lb-ft$549
2.0 TSI GTI Stage 2155 kW/211 hp280 Nm/207 lb-ft205 kW/275 hp450 Nm/332 lb-ft$549
2.0 TSI GTI Stage 4 K04155 kW/211 hp280 Nm/207 lb-ft268 kW/359 hp531 Nm/392 lb-ftCall for Pricing
2.0 TSI R200 kW/272 hp350 Nm/258 lb-ft232 kW/311 hp450 Nm/332 lb-ft$549

Stage 2 Requirements:Intake, Performance exhaust including downpipe and sports cat
Stage 3 Requirements:Intake, Intercooler, performance exhaust including downpipe and sports cat
Stage 4 Requirements:Turbo, Injectors, Intake, Intercooler, performance exhaust including downpipe and sports cat

We also offer Self Tuning System for most cars for additional $295 (Including Shipping).

DSG tunes are available for most Volkswagen models for $499.

*Horsepower numbers shown in Metric HP

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Shark Performance USA is located in Minneapolis, MN. We are the US Distributor and Dealer for Shark Performance which is a tuner based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK, specializing in tuning all European cars. Drawing on years of knowledge and enthusiasm, we are able to offer you the best performance software money can buy. Whether it's a small boost in power, a desire for better fuel economy, or a fully bespoke remap written exactly for your modifications, Shark Performance can help you achieve your goal.
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