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C70 1997-2005 Tuning & Performance Upgrades

EngineStock HPStock TQTuned HPTuned TQPriceDyno
2.0 LPT120 kW/163 hp255 Nm/188 lb-ft164 kW/219 hp326 Nm/241 lb-ft$649
2.0 T120 kW/163 hp230 Nm/170 lb-ft161 kW/215 hp306 Nm/226 lb-ft$649
2.4 T 2003147 kW/200 hp285 Nm/210 lb-ft178 kW/239 hp387 Nm/286 lb-ft$649
2.5T142 kW/193 hp270 Nm/199 lb-ft178 kW/239 hp387 Nm/286 lb-ft$649
D5120 kW/163 hp340 Nm/251 lb-ft150 kW/201 hp428 Nm/316 lb-ft$649
T5176 kW/239 hp330 Nm/243 lb-ft207 kW/277 hp408 Nm/301 lb-ft$649
T5 2.5162 kW/220 hp330 Nm/243 lb-ft190 kW/255 hp428 Nm/316 lb-ft$649
T5 2.5 2008169 kW/230 hp320 Nm/236 lb-ft190 kW/255 hp387 Nm/286 lb-ft$649
T5 2003176 kW/239 hp330 Nm/243 lb-ft207 kW/277 hp408 Nm/301 lb-ft$649

We also offer Volvo Self Tuning System (no P3 cars) for $849 (Stage 4 $1199).

DTC Code read/clear capability for STS is available for additional $150. P3 Volvo Cars require
PIN code Extraction, please contact us for more info.

*Horsepower numbers shown in Metric HP

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Shark Performance USA is located in Minneapolis, MN. We are the US Distributor and Dealer for Shark Performance which is a tuner based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK, specializing in tuning all European cars. Drawing on years of knowledge and enthusiasm, we are able to offer you the best performance software money can buy. Whether it's a small boost in power, a desire for better fuel economy, or a fully bespoke remap written exactly for your modifications, Shark Performance can help you achieve your goal.
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